♣ positive Law: The ONCE Foundation and-along with CERMI-drive standards that improve the rights of persons with disabilities.

♣ Solidarity also outside Spain: More than 200,000 blind people and 1,200 organizations in depressed areas of the world supported by ONCE.

♣ Women’s Equality: The Centre for Equal Opportunities of the ONCE Foundation and ensures equal opportunities between women and men in all spheres of activity of the Organization

♣ Network Culture: The Digital Library of ONCE is a window to culture and that allows blind people download books in different formats: audio, Braille or digital. He has logged 130,000 downloads in the past year.

♣ The deafblind people, reported: More care, more tour guides, more social visibility through the ONCE Foundation for the Care of Persons with deafblindness.

♣ Blind School in “School 2.0”: The challenge facing the ONCE to education: adapting the technology for its 7500 students to access modern educational processes.

♣ I am of the ONCE: 70,000 people are part of the ONCE in their capacity as blind or partially sighted serious. Also includes 24,000 people without disabilities who work in the institution and this great family, join 87,500 other people with disabilities other than blindness are due to ONCE, direct or indirect employment.

♣ More cultural events: In addition, the interest of the ONCE to the world of culture and communication, as social values indispensable for people with disabilities, the impulse is manifested in several contests. In addition to the International Photo Contest, ONCE calls include:

– Tifl Literature Awards

– Roc Boronat Awards for Literature in Catalan

– Tifl Journalism Awards

– The literary competition for young members Prometheus