This contest was created in 2001 and founded with the fundamental objective of contributing to social inclusion of people with disabilities through the evaluation of the effort of overcoming disability from the perspective of photographic images. On the one hand sought to reward those works that best reflect the theme of the contest: “A world for all: overcoming disability ‘. This, ONCE wanted to take another step in its policy of integration and normalization of people with any disabilities through their participation in such cultural and social initiatives. Moreover, not less important, was to get our message to involve all social sectors, with particular emphasis on one sector such as photography.

There are several moments in this trajectory. First birth of competition in which, from the beginning, we have the enthusiastic collaboration of the Provincial Councils of the three Basque Provinces and the three Basque savings banks. 2003 European Year of People with Disabilities, the contest is open to participants from across Europe. 2009 brings the worldwide expansion and the first sponsorship of FIAP (International Federation of Photography).

During these years THIRTEEN data generated by the competition are as follows:
– 2511 participating photographers
– 7060 papers presented.
– 35 exposures
– 310,000 visitors
– Communication 260 impacts
– 5 catalogs published
– 5 sponsorships FIAP (International Federation of Photography)
– 46700 euros paid out in prizes
– 28 awarded photographers with disabilities